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In my book Conversations with Christ you will learn the simple yet remarkable methods prescribed and practiced by the Saints to establish your own communion with Christ and experience Jesus’ threefold plan of salvation. Awaken the Christ within you and the life you were meant to live.
What Would Jesus Say if He Were on Earth Today?
Join me as I share with you the intuitive messages I received from Christ. In the following message, I received this beautiful formula for our salvation:
“To be born again, you need to realign your life with Mine. First, you need to believe and have faith that I can help you in your salvation. Second, you need to repent of your former wayward ways and try as much as possible not to repeat them. Third, you need to practice entering the inner silence within yourself so that you may be baptized in Me.
“The blessed Trinity of salvation: Many practice the first two stages and feel uplifted and restored through My grace. Very few commit to the third stage to receive the full measure of My grace: Realization of their unity with Me. I will continue to encourage you until you are one with Me. I in you, you in Me.

Conversations with Christ - Alexander Soltys Jones

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