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Spiritualized Meditation

YOU are what you're looking for
Rediscover your radiant
Diamond Self!


My Divine Mission

Every single one of us is a beautiful Divine Being! We have all been created self-sufficient unto ourselves. We are the whole complete package! We have all the Love , Joy , and Intuition we need along with everything else we crave to experience inside of us. This higher dimension of ourselves that resides beyond the mortal form is what I term  "The Diamond Self. " Yes! you heard that right. You are a flawless Diamond Essence, unfortunately sometimes with an amnesia and it is my absolute joy and an expression of gratitude to help you remember

what you yearn and crave - Your Magnificent Diamond Essence!


 I would like to inspire you by sharing the treasures that I have learned along the way, in my spiritual quest, to help you awaken to your Diamond potential. The greatest treasure that I teach and practice daily is the gift of meditation. Personally, the reason I advocate meditation so much is because meditation is the most direct way  to go within and enter into the stillness or space where you can re-discover and meet your Diamond-Self

face to face. Your unique essence that has always been there waiting for you to come home!





There was a time when nothing in

the world satisfied me. I have done

it all and have looked for bliss and happiness in so many external

sources from physical culture

to mind control and some spiritual teachings but everything seemed

to be a dead end for me.

Anything new I tried failed to give

me the contentment I craved

and even worse left me feeling completely disconnected and frustrated with my life.

My life transformation came

when I learned meditation from Paramahansa Yogananda and

realized what I was seeking all

along was already right within myself. The point of no return came when I started practicing meditation and actually felt the changeless fountain

of Love and Bliss I craved

within myself as my true essence .

Now I wish to help you avoid so much heartache, pain and misery by encouraging you through my writings, and meditation center to stop chasing after the tiny trickling streams of love and bliss and go after the endless, eternal fountain of contentment that is already indwelling within you.


The biggest disease of human kind

is lack of self-love and confidence.

It is my vision to turn this trend

around through a

Self- Love Revolution

helping people to realize they are lovable by remembering the

Diamond Essence  they truly are.

I believe this is how we can

turn our current world

into a paradise. 


Do you feel isolated, disconnected and alone and seeking something but not quite sure what it is? Would it be helpful for you to be a part of a community of people who once felt the same  but have turned it around in a meaningful way? 

In my endeavour to start a spiritual community I have touch the lives of thousands of souls from all walks of life through my books, music, lectures and meditation programs. Many have said that my gentle approach makes it easy for them to feel safe and open to their highest potential.  If you too find that your intention is to become established in your sacred Diamond Self and radiating your godlike essence to other then I invite you to consider joining our community and be a part of our programs!  


"I am made in the image of God

I am a piece of God

I am a piece of Love and Bliss"

Alexander Soltys Jones - The Diamond Way



Check out the collection of books Alexander has authored on spirituality.



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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

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