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The call of creation is to work. Learn how to work productively and happily in harmony with your coworkers by unfolding and manifesting your inner soul qualities in the workplace. Through inspirational meditations and visualizations you will learn how to spiritualize yourself and as a result help spiritualize your work environment. 
The need is for each individual worker to find serenity within themselves first and to seek an upswing in their own personal bottom lines, all the while contributing to corporate success. It also emphasizes seeking higher ground and more spiritual values even in your post-modern marketplace work settings.
“In Spiritualize Work, Alexander Soltys Jones offers a practical blueprint to achieve life-affirming success and spiritual satisfaction, even (or especially) in the conflict-ridden, stressful workplace. His guidance to the perennial wisdom and spiritual practice is encapsulated in simple mindfulness techniques and a wonderful assortment of great affirmations to spiritualize work and to create a life of integrity and joy.” Eli Bay, President, The Relaxation Response Institute

Spiritualize The Workplace - Alexander Soltys Jones

Expected to ship by end of May
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