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he Diamond Way is a three-step process for Self-mastery through Self-remembrance.

In the first step of the Diamond Way you will learn to identify your heart’s calling for peace, joy, intuition, loving kindness, compassion and union of the soul with Spirit. These are already within you like a diamond. The journey through Self remembrance opens up the pathway allowing you to manifest these sacred qualities in your everyday life. 

The stress of dealing with the modern-day world and personal traumas has placed mud on the diamond consciousness. This mud could include fear, doubt, confusion, remorse and anger. This is not our true identity and needs to be removed. Erasing the mud of limiting blocks is the second stage of the Diamond Way. Once removed through experienced gentle guidance the true light of our divinity can shine forth to uplift others and ourselves. 

The Creator has endowed each individual with a special attribute to gift to the world. In the third step of the Diamond Way Alexander will help you develop your intuition and inner guidance so you may once again become intimate with your unique calling. He will help you reclaim and develop this gift with strength and confidence. Then you will be able to allow it to shine forth from your heart as a unique and special offering to the world.

Alexander Soltys Jones will guide you in your quest for deeper awareness of your spirituality through his unique system called the Diamond Way.

The Diamond Way - Alexander Soltys Jones

Available starting April, 2024. Estimated period for shipping is two weeks.
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